American Signs & Designs is a division of RLD USA, Inc.
   We opened our first sign shop in a small garage in 1987 and called the company Roddy’s Signs.
   The owner and founder Roderick (Roddy) Dull toyed with the idea of using his last name for what he hoped would be a long lived family owned company but the name “Dull Signs” didn’t do justice to the company’s creativity. In jest, we always make reference to the name the company almost took over 20 years ago. Our Company has grown from being a one-man sign shop in a one –car garage to one of the nation’s most versatile full-service sign companies. From our new facility in Boscobel, Wisconsin’s Industrial Park, we manufacture and distribute almost every type of sign conceivable. As part of our staff we have professionals covering every area of the sign industry, from commercial artists to professional craftsman and technicians.
   In the past twelve years we have been featured twice in Sign Business Magazine. In the March 1996 issue we were recognized as one of the top five sign-consulting firms in the United States for our understanding of ADA signs and regulations and in January, 1998, we received special recognition for our marketing skills.
   Our most recent accomplishments are in the field LED programming technology. We have become a leader in the sales of LED signs not only because of the products we sell but because of our emphasis on sign message content and graphics support.
   Take the time to view all the pages on our website and after doing so we hope that whatever your sign needs may be that you like thousands of others choose American Signs & Designs.