The best way to describe our line of Grayscale LED Digital Displays is black and White TV. This is black and white LED TV. Our Grayscale LED digital displays require no pre-editing of files. Our software automatically converts color files to grayscale so you can just cut and paste and then watch them run in amazing detail. Our Grayscale LED signs not only display beautiful still images and photographs but also moving images such as animated gifs and full motion video such as avi files.
   Our 48 x 128 amber grayscale LED sign have become our most popular LED sign of all. They are large enough to be seen for a surprisingly long distance and yet have amazing definition when viewed up close.
  These signs have every functional capability as our full color line and at a great savings for our customers. Our Grayscale LED Moving Message Signs can be built in a wide variety of sizes and with pitches to accommodate any view distance. Take the time to view the animation of our red and amber Grayscale LED Sign page.
  For other options view our Monochrome LED Sign page and our Full Color LED Sign page.