American Signs & Designs is proud to introduce three new concepts for the spring of 2009.

  1. Business to Business Billboards: This is an advertising medium that targets traffic places in small to mid-size communities and allows area businesses top share advertising space on each other’s full-color display monitor. The cost of 90,000 displays per month is roughly $1.00 per day.
  2. Mobile Billboards: Mobile billboards are designed for short-term displays in locations where permanent signs are not available. Typically these trailer type billboards can be used for up to 60 days and are great for such things as festivals, concerts, grand openings, etc.
  3. All-In-One LED Signs: These signs are designed for multiple functions. They can display Gas Pricing, Time & Temperature, Unlimited Text, and Graphic Animations. They are great for convenience stores, schools, churches, or any other business that needs affordable, multi-purpose LED signage.

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